‪‎Info-graphics‬ for the ‪killing‬ victims in ‎Syria‬ – The second week of July 2016

Fraternity Foundation for human rights through the network of its observers in most Syrian cities in the second week of July 2016 could document the killing:
249 civilians
64 children
44 women
114 killed by the flight of the Syrian regime including two ones are under torture.
51 killed by the Russian aviation.
60 killed by the Syrian opposition forces
12 killed by ISIS .
3 killed by the Turkish border guards.
1 killed by SDF
8 killed by the international coalition
The abduction of 32 Kurdish civilians by ISIS

Smoke rises over Saif Al Dawla district in Aleppo, Syria, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. The U.N.'s deputy secretary-general says U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon made a strong appeal to Syria's foreign minister to stop using heavy weapons against civilians and reduce the violence that is killing 100 to 200 people every day.(AP Photo/ Manu Brabo)