16 children were killed in the massacre of al-Atareb children.

Our observers of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights documented in Al-Atareb City that the warplanes are believed to be Russian Air Force committed a cruel massacre against civilians in Al-Atareb City which is in the west of Aleppo 35 km and is under the control of the Syrian opposition , on Friday 29/7/2017 leading to killing more than 21 victims , including 16 children by three stereochemistry missile strikes of those aircraft that targeted the following points:

The First was at 7:40 pm on the northern side of the city and hit several residential buildings

The second was at 7:44 pm on the southern side near the industrial secondary School.

The third was at 7.50 in the south of the city.

The Raids caused considerable destruction of the targeted areas resulting to fires and rising columns of smoke and destruction of housing for civilians. The team of monitoring and documentation could document in the city the killing of 21 civilians, at least 16 of them were children, at least as an initial outcome as there are other victims who have not been documented by us yet. . The raids also caused nearly 40 injured and is worth mentioning that most of the victims were children from al- Mokhtar ( headman) Family in al- Atareb Town.
Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights condemns in the strongest terms the continuation of the Syrian regime forces and allies of the Russian Air Force and others in committing atrocities against civilians in Syria. We appeals to the institution of the Security Council of the need to bridle of lawlessness in committing daily massacres against civilians by all parties of the conflict and we call for the patrons of collapsed agreement to the need to return to the activation of the agreement of stopping of aggressive acts by all parties and the need for the international community’s commitment to refer the crimes of the Syrian regime and its allies to the international Criminal Court as war crimes under international criminal law and international agreements related to Geneva Convention and its Protocols binding neutralization of civilians in armed conflicts.

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights
A-Atareb 30/7/2016

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