29 civilians were killed in the Russian – Syrian bombing to Raqqa.

After a series of victories for the army of the Syrian regime and its allies in vast areas which were under the control of the ISIS within the areas between Raqqa Provinces and Hama in an archaeological site to reach along the military airport of Tabqa so that the southern neighborhoods of Tabqa City have become under fires of artillery of the Syrian regime forces since few past days . .
On Monday 20 | 6| 2016 in a sudden step , the ISIS attacked oppositely the sites which they lost that made the regime forces withdrew from al-Sawra “Revolution” oil field to retreat to the triangle Carrefour ( al-Rusafa- Tabqa , Salameya) . The regime retreated about 15 kilometers after it lost many members and gears .
Syrian regime reacted in a revengeful step by its forces and its allies . They targeted in three raid on Tuesday noon 21 |6| 2016 the centre of Raqqa by the Russian warplanes focusing on markets and places full of civilians:
1. Train St in the north of al-Dalla Roundabout (near the Gas Station of Shokry Bozan).
2. Tall Abyad St near the police gas station in the north of al-Dalla Roundabout
3. Against the building of electricity company (Rahman) washing cars.
As a result, Foundation documented 29 civilians were killed including 6 children and 4 women and a number was injured, including two of them were in critical condition.
Raqqa 21| 6| 2016
The office of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights.