4 civilians were killed and 107 were injured as a result of bombing the deliberately in one day.

The Nasra Front – the organization of Al Qaeda in the Levant and the allied forces with it bombed Neighborhood Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo on 22 February . It was the most fierce bombing since it began. The random bombing in the region is a result of conflict with the PG and the army of rebels allied . The team of Monitoring and Documentation in the FFHR has documented killing of four civilians, including a a child of 14 years old . The heavy bombing with mortars are made locally resulted 107 wounded, including 19 children seriously injured. They are documented nominally by the Foundation.
Accurately, the bombing targeted a residential neighborhoods where there are civilians , these neighborhood included the Western Sheikh Maksoud , Sheikh Maksoud Maaroof , shelling from the roundabout Alcastelo and Sheqaif . The operation of targeting the civilians deliberately is considered as a crime of war especially there are pictorial clips which have been spread recently on the social networking pages talking about who do bombing target the civilians