5 years defending Human Rights

As we approach the end of the fifth year since we established our foundation, we send our regards and thanks to all those who have supported us, to all those who believed in human rights principles, to all our colleagues whonever stopped believing that promoting and nurturing human rights is the first pillar of a democratic, peaceful and just society. To all those who have been let down by the international community and were forced to flee their country and to seek refuge overseas nevertheless they spared no effort injoining us in fighting for those principles and values.
To our colleague Mohammed and his family, whom we lost while he was fighting for the freedom of Yezidi women in QABBASIN, to our late colleague Abdul Fattah Sheikh Nouri who,while in the worst stage of his chronic illness,gave all his energy to consolidate our values and objectives in the ongoing struggle against those who have violated and are violating human rights.
Our utmost appreciation goes to each and every one of our colleagues, international organisations that provided us with the necessary expertise and capabilities, the government and the people of Denmark and United Kingdom to whom the credits of our success belong.
We may have, inadvertently, deviated from the correct path sometimes, however, we never stopped fighting for human freedom and dignity regardless of his religion, ethnicity, origin and the colour of his skin.
We hope that in the coming days we will succeed in finalizing our new strategic plan and restructure our administrativeentity. In doing so we will be able to continue to fight for human rights in freedom, democracy and dignity. We pledge to continue our mission in defending human rights everywhere.