More than 50 trainees in Empowerment Center for Women in Hasakah

52 trainees from women and Misses Al-Hasakah city continue to receive practical training in hairdressing and sewing crafts in empowerment center for woman in Al-Hasakah city.
Where 20 of them are subjected to the sewing craft and 23 trainees to hairdressing craft.
The workshop had lunched in the last month and lasts for 30 days after undergoing for awareness workshop in the principle concepts for human rights and CEDAW.
It is worth mentioning that the trainees as well as for the citizens of the city are displaced from areas where fighting action on going there to the city of Hasakah from Deir Al-Ezzor and Raqqa, Aleppo and others.
They need for livelihood is helping them to stay in the city and protects them from the needs for relying on self-esteem and participation in providing for their families as well as those who want to develop themselves and rely on them to continue overcome the difficult living conditions experienced by the country in general

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