67 civilians wounded and killed, including 21 children fell victims of a massacre committed by the Syrian opposition today.

The brigades of the Syrian opposition have been continuing in their shelling mortars and cylinders of gas and local – made missiles to the neighborhood Sheikh Maksoud , which is inhabited mainly by Kurds in addition to the Arab, Turkmen, Christians and Yezidis . Since the dawn of Tuesday 5 – 4-2016 the battalions stationed in the village Nebo at Castillo and the neighborhood Youth housing and the old market for vegetables in the neighborhood al- Ashrafieya started bombing randomly the neighborhood Sheikh Maksood neighborhood . Most of their missiles and their busters fell on the area of the popular market in the neighborhood Western Sheikh Maksood , Twentieth Street , the lane ” Mokhabrat ” intelligence” and the lane al- Bakara . The shelling led to committing a massacre which is considered the largest one since the start of the brigades’ attack to the neighborhood on 16 last February. It led dozens of children, women and old people to lose their lives. According to the information that monitors of team of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights could collect brotherhood of collected and match with documents and records of Hospital of the Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital that is the only one in the neighborhood that the number of victims reached just today 67 civilians including 14 Killed  . There were also 21 children and 7 women