8 were killed in the explosion of a mine belonging to the ISIS in Manbej

Since the end of last May the military council of Manbej announced a military campaign to take and control the city from the ISIS, our observers confirmed since the first day of the campaign that there is a large number of civilians trapped in the city because the ISIS prevented them from leaving the city. .
On Thursday afternoon a number of civilians tried to get out of the city, but the mines belonging by the ISIS that were planted in most of the neighborhoods and streets of the city were in front of them. Our observers monitored the explosion of a landmine planted by the ISIS in al-Shareiya ( legitimacy) Neighborhood . Our team was able to document killing of eight people, including two children and a woman and in addition to injuring 21 others, including 10 children and4 women. They were taken to Amal Hospital in Kobani for treatment.