Al-Hasakah starts the second session for She leader project

With participation of 38 Miss and Misses from managerial and leadership of 24 civic organization and political parties in Al-Hasakah city, She leader center for administrative and political empowerment starts today its second session for Fraternity foundation for Human Rights project which focused on governing system and its forms.

The supervisors of the training stated with general idea about the instinctive need to humans since ancient times and with innate that he can not live isolated from his peers, and with development of the human with his civilization. He started to construct the country and share life’s activities in geographical area under political and economic system and take responsibilities of their own affairs and the promotion of various aspects of their lives, as the systems differ according to the constitutions and laws.

Theoretical and practical explanations have done about the governing system and Shape of a Country and its foundations, the Constitution and governing systems in the world and the difference between them.

It is worth to mention that this session started after the first session end which lasted 8 days about the leadership art, communicate and effective communication and election. This session will continue for 5 days in the project that managed by Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights that aims to empowering women administratively and politically