Another Kurdish politician was arrested with continued security escalation to suppress political opposition in the areas under Kurdish control in Syria.

Fraternity Foundation for Human rights (FFHR) got a report from the family of M.Nemat Daoud, from Qamishli north-eastern Syria under Kurdish control that a patrol Internal Security Forces known Asayish, affiliated with Democratic Autonomous Administration which is led by Democratic society movement “Tev-Dem“, which is a political and military union of several organisations , most notably  the Democratic Union Party (PYD), raided Mr Daoud’s home on 13th April, 2018 and arrested him in front of his family.

Mr. M.Nemat Daoud, 63 years old, holds a degree in science from the Aleppo University in Syria and serves as secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Equality Party in Syria, one of the parties of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, a member of the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Regarding the circumstances of the arrest, Ms Majida Hussein 58 years old “Mr. Daoud’s wife”: said that at 18:30 on 13 April , 2018, a patrol of the Internal Security Forces  ,Asayish, raided their house in the Al-masaref neighborhood in Qamishli city and arrested Mr. Daoud without informing them of any charges, presenting arrest warrant, or showing any prior notification to attend an interrogation or investigation.

According to eye witnesses who spoke with our reporters, a patrol of Asayish forcesarmed with Kalashnikov, which is usually used by these forces, traveling in two cars, black and silver.

When the family asked for any identification that proves they were from Asayish, the patrol leader presented them with an official ID as Ciwan Ibrahim authenticated by Asayish forces. There after, they arrested Mr. Daoud and took him to an unknown destination.

Ms Majida, detainee’s wife, stated that the next morning when she, along with the detainee’s brother and lawyer, asked about the detainee at the headquarter of the internal security forces in Qamishli city, Asaysish completely denied that he was there and they have never heared that name, which is clearly an attempt to forcibly hide him. More over, to further confirm their denial, they opened a missing and Kidnapped case.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Administration has issued a statement that it will arrest leaders of Kurdish National Council (KNC) on charges of treason related to Turkish invasion of Afrin, against leaders of Kurdish National Council (KNC).

We, at Fraternity Foundation for Human rights, believe that the arrests by Asayish security forces have no legal basis and is incompatible with principles and standards of human rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and constitute a flagrant violation of the rights of political prisoners based on their views and political affiliations, including arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance.

FFHR is deeply concerned at the escalation security escalation by the Democratic Autonomous Administration against its political opposition, which is in complete contrast to the principles of the social contract adapted by this administration, and these arrests and enforced disappearances violate human rightsand freedom of opinion and expression.

FFHR urges the Democratic Self-Rule Administration to clarify the fate and the whereabouts of Mr. Daoud and to announce the proceedings against him. The failure to disclose these measures constitutes a serious breach of fair trial guarantees, which include procedures of the arrest, preliminary investigation, conditions and nature of the detention, and enable his family to visit him at his place of detention. We also urge the leadership of the Democratic Self-Rule Administration for immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Daoud and to stop this escalation that further contributes to dissolution of local community and is a threat to security and civil peace.

FFHR stresses the importance of protecting freedom of opinion and expression and urges the Democratic Self-Rule Administration to undertake serious actions to stop any political arrests, to release any other detainees, to improve the situation of civil liberties, and to refrain from all kind of harassment of its political opponents.

At the same time, we stress the need to protect political freedoms and beliefs and to stop harassing public freedoms, which are now suffering from serious and dangerous turning points for democratic values and human rights.

19 April 2018