The armed opposition bombs Sheikh Maqsood and killes 12 civilians

Since the YPG has controlled the neighborhood Sheikh Maqsood in the northwest of Aleppo in 09.27.2015 and the neighborhood is exposed to mortars firing and gas cylinders known as a gun of hell by the Nasra Front and allied brigades and they are the Movement of Nur al-Din Al-Zanki, the corps of Al- Sham, Ahrar al-Sham – the banner of Sultan Murad , the First Group , the 101 Division , the Sixteenth Division , the brigade of hawks of the mountain , Al- Sham Front , Al-Sham Army , the brigade of Moontsair Bellah , the Groups of Be honest as I ordered ” Fa-estaqem kama omert) which is centered in Al-castillo, Jandols Roundabout ,the neighborhood Bestan Al-Basha, the neighborhood of Bani Zaid neighborhoodand the western part of the Youth Housing.The points that are being targeted are inhabited by civilians and they are the Twentieth Street in Western Sheikh Maqsood , the Sixteenth Street in Western Sheikh Maqsood , the lane of Intelligence – Sheikh Maqsood Maroof Mosque , the Roundabout Adma which is between West Sheikh Maqsood and East Sheikh Maqsood and the buildings are near from the railway and the lane of Al- Mardenlaiya near the railway
The bombing was heavy on 16 February in 2016 and the team of Monitoring and Documentation of the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights ( FFHR) has documented all attacks on civilians in the Neighborhood and it will publish a special report about all violations and breaches of the truce .
On Sunday, 03/06/2016 pm Al Nasra Front and allied forces bombed the neighborhood at random by mortars and gas cylinders which are known as the gun of hell (local- made gun explosive cylinders used as missiles)

The team of Monitoring in our foundation has confirmed this bombing is considered as the heaviest bombing since the start of the bombing. Who monitored could document 12 victims who were killed, including four children and a woman 30 were wounded, including nine children and eight women.

There are also families who are still under the destructive buildings and houses and their families were not able to lift them out as a result of intense and continuous bombing on the Neighborhood. It is estimated the number of people who are under destruction is about ten civilians . The bombing is still continuous until the moment of writing of this report.
In the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights we strongly condemn the continued targeting of civilians in neighborhood Sheikh Maqsood and affirm that the targeting of civilians according to the International Law is a war crime and who commit must be examined . At the same time we go to the local and international public opinion especially the US and the Russian Republic of Federation which are common countries to agree to stop aggressive acts. The US and the Russian Republic have to face all humanitarian responsibilities and to take all deterrent measures to factions of the armed opposition and the application of the agreement of cessation of hostilities and acting immediately to provide all forms of medical and humanitarian aids to the civilians in the sieged neighborhood for more than two years although there were truces from time to time between the conflicted parties and the siege has been worse since 1st October in 2015 and the neighborhood is suffering from a severe shortage of all the basic needs of living.