The Bread of blood a Gift of the (Eid) : documentary report about the massacre of Salehhiye Bakery in Al- Hasakah

To read the report, click here The Bread of blood a Gift of the (Eid)

Executive Summary
Through our follow-up to the suicide bombing carried out by a suicide bomber it is thought to be  belonging to the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS ) at about 19: 40  on Tuesday on 5 \ 7 \ 2016 which targeted the  bakery 7 Nesan (April) which is a reserved bakery  known for Sala bakery in Saleheye Neighborhood in al-Hasakah. The terrorist attack led to  killing 29 people and 28 wounded, most of them were civilians. Depending on our review of the violations and crimes taking place in the region, we see that this targeting came in a series of systematic and continuous operations of the organization of the Islamic state (ISIS) who are carrying out  against civilians in the Kurdish areas in general and in  the neighborhoods that are  inhabited by a Kurdish majority and neighborhoods with the majority of Christian particularly , as in Qamishli. Civil and populated  areas without a military  need  or clear military targets  are targeted . Late of last year, 2015 Tel Tamer and several Christian neighborhoods in Qamishli  City and al-Hasakah City before them  during the celebration of the Kurdish National Day known Nowroz  have been targeted that led to killing  more than 50 civilians, mostly children and women . The bombings targeted public places and the bombing to  the Kurdish neighborhoods in al-Hasakah City  randomly . Most of the victims of these bombings and targeting were  civilians and mostly  women and children.

This report highlights the targeting  by the organization of the Islamic state (ISIS)  to a general service  facility service  (Saleheye Bakery )  leading to killing 26 civilians, including 6 children and a  woman as well as killing of (3) military members  so we see that this crime is tantamount to a war crime according to Article(8 ) of the Rome Statute of  the paragraph (A) (1 – 3-4) and the  paragraph (B) (1 – 2 – 4-9)

And this crime can be  within the genocide that the party that carried out  targeted people, mostly civilians who were  called  (Kurdish apostates) . (A, B) items are applied to this action of the Article II of the Genocide and Punishment of the agreement

To read the report, click here The Bread of blood a Gift of the (Eid)

All your comments and views and complaints, were welcome and the Foundation Hope you do not hesitate in supporting us to detecting any crimes might have occurred or occur.

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights Team
Syria 07.11.2016