The Campaign of “Eyes on rights” ‪Çavdêrê Mafan be‬

Through the training plan for 2016 the program of awareness of rights of local communities in cooperation with the program of monitoring and documenting violations of the human rights in the FFHR declares its campaign entitled ” Eye on rights” Çavdêrê_Mafan_be” It will focus on the training of activists and these are interested in defending of the human rights including individuals and organizations in the areas of the Foundation’s work or these are able to access to it about mechanism of monitoring , documenting and the International Humanitarian Law and to focus on the Syrian situation and what violations which are happening against the human rights in spite of a lot of difficulties to perform these tasks and lack of experience of local knowledge and skills.
Anyone wants to follow training workshops which will take three months from individuals and organizations, they have to send their CVs explaining the way of communication accurately so that we can communicate and inform them the deadlines and what the training will include .
Contribute with us in defending of human rights and eye on rights.
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