Our future lies in their childhood

A professional team of physiologists and advocates of the rights of the child from Childhood friends center, one of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights’ partner, has provided mental and psychological support to more than 1778 child of Syrian conflict victims in the cities of Alahasaka, Qamishli, Terbehsepi, Serêkaniyê, Tal-Abyad, and Kubani. This was done through providing:

  • Six centers equipped with playground facilities
  • An adequate awareness to the parents as to the best ways to deal with children whose lives have been by devastated by the effects of the war
  • Healthy meals to the children during their stay in these centers
  • Medical treatments and medicines

We need your help to overcome the obstacles we are facing to continue to be there for children and those who need us the most.

Our future lies in their childhood, Keep an eye on their rights    

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