Peace She-Leaders Network..!?

Peace She-Leaders Network is a network of cooperation and coordination composed of civil society organizations, human rights organizations and political organizations stated in the statute. The network which has been established with support of Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati) in February 2017 works for defending women’s issues and rights and strengthening her leading role in the consolidation of civil peace and peace-building in Syria.

Peace She-Leaders Network seeks democratic civil society dominated by social justice and works for the defense of the women’s status and their role in effective participation in strengthening and consolidating civil peace.

Strategic Goals
• Contributing to the application of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which stipulates the importance of the participation of women equally and fully effective as an element of sustainable peace.
• Strengthening the role of women in the civil peace, coexistence and fraternity between peoples and cultures in Syria.

Peace She-Leaders Network works to defend the rights of women and to enhance her leadership role to suit the application of resolution 1325.

Equality, Justice, and Peace
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