The second semi-annual report of -FFHR- for 2015

The report was 23 pages  and it included all activities and events  which were carried out by the foundation  during the period between 01.07.2015 up to 25.12.2015 . The report included complete statistics about  male beneficiaries and female beneficiaries in the programs of the Foundation. It was  more than  14,000 beneficiaries, including more than 500 children and 250 lady where the foundation documented  them  nominally and about  59 training workshops and lectures. The report also included a breakdown of the financial situation of the foundation in details   in the light of the activities that the foundation  did.   A note was mentioned in the report  that the percentage of errors in the statistics does not exceed 3 % . It will be great pleasure   to the FFHR to increase its goal in establishing the  transparency in the  organizations  of the civil action  and to receive all your remarks , your opinions and  your criticisms for the development of the foundation.  It  is proud of you and your suggestions and  it is still asserting  that it is  a foundation under incorporation and needs  more  work to become a leader and stable foundation  and offer its  services anywhere it can.