Seven- days Campaign for peace in the International Day of Peace on 21 September

The culture of peace is that culture that allows the existence of the other, leaving him a place in the presence. It also allows re -establish and re-read texts and interpret as imposed by the present, and what it requires of public interest
The World Day of Peace allows all peoples of the world to have a common occasion to organize events and carry out activities that glorify the importance of peace and democracy in realistic and useful ways. In 1981, it was set under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 36/67 a celebration of the World Day of Peace to be in sync with the date of the opening session of the General Assembly session, which is held every year on the third Tuesday of September. The first Day of Peace was celebrated in September 1982. In 2001, the General Assembly voted unanimously on the resolution 55/8282 which designates 21 / September the day to give up violence and to ceasefire.
With the launch of calls for the continuation of the cessation of agreement of fragile hostilities and in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, according to the annual tradition approved by Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights, we declare our annual campaign (7 days for peace), which begins on 16 /9/2014 and ends on 21/9 / 2014 ..
Many activities are done that will take place in the cities of the Foundation work. We hope you as individuals and organizations need to focus on the primary objective for the occasion and make it a jump off for a permanent agreement to end the fighting in Syria
We hope to enjoy our country and other countries of the world for freedom and peace.