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different parties involved in the Syrian conflict have been able to pressure the international bodies to neutralize and marginalize independent human rights organizations in Syria and silence their voices in various ways by blocking their funding, closing their offices in areas they control and in the neighboring countries of Syria.
Thanks to your generous donations, Fraternity Foundation for Human rights has been able to continue its work over the past two years and has been able to maintain its neutrality objectivity towards the crimes and violations committed in Syria.
We need your assistance and support to be able to continue our investigations, document the victims of this notorious and mad conflict, provide assistance and support to the victims and their families and supply our team with the necessary equipment to continue their work in the most dangerous areas in the world.
Your support enables us to continue to defend human rights wherever we can.

Let us together fight for all human beings’ rights regardless of their diverse religious, ethnic, or cultural affiliation.
Let us protect children from the horror of this horrendous war.
Let us stand side by side with women and empower them to become effective leaders in our society.
By advocating for human rights, together, we are seeking peace, well being, and justice for the victims of this war.

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