The first semi-annual report 2015 of Fraternity

Fraternity Foundation continued to implement the strategic plan approved by the constituent body at the end of 2013 in addition to the amendments made by the constituent body of the plan mid-year 2014 marked by the extension of the foundation stage of the institution until the end of 2015, and entering   some amendments to the Center’s programs, which was highlighted by adding a special program of women’s special and the last the child.

 The highlight steps to develop cadres of the Center in the period covered by this report, especially in the monitoring and documentation of international humanitarian law, which was held in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan by the International Federation for Human Rights cadres monitoring and documenting human rights violations in the institution  and which would develop staff skills workshop and giving them more experience in the field of monitoring and the drafting of human rights reports in accordance with the methodology of the Academy, and this workshop came within the framework of the annual contract signed between the fraternity Foundation and the International Federation for Human Rights FIDH , which ended at the end of June 2015.
We managed our organization re-opening of its office in Kobanê after it was full equipment during the barbaric war to destroy the terrorist organization Daash in the city and developed the other places where are the headquarters of the Al-Hasakah two buildings separate one for the activities of a program of children, women and other special activities of human rights and in Qamishli been taking a larger building with two floors  and yard and wide to collect all of the programs that are working on fraternity and it has been equipping all requirements have been established fraternity a salon for dialogue in Qamishli headquarters and opened its doors in front of various organizations wishing to establish their activities.
fraternity joined  more staff volunteer to cover the increased activities according to the objectives of the institution and the needs of society where the number of workers are  26-members  in the seven of its programs as a network for monitoring and documenting violations on a voluntary basis in the various areas in which the fraternity works .