The Second Semi-annual Report of (FFHR/Birati) 2016

Our Foundation issued its report, The Second Semi-annual Report 2016 ,

the report Covering the period from the first of July 2016 to 31 December 2016
The report also cited all stats for Foundation activities carried out during that period and the number of beneficiaries of all programs with attached links and documentary pictures for these events, the report is consisting of a 24-page and concluded with the Foundation funding that received during the Second half of the 2016 statement.

Beneficiaries of the Foundation’s services:

The number of direct beneficiaries of the programs of the Foundation in raising awareness and empowerment of women and the rights of the child 926 direct beneficiaries, including 663 female beneficiaries and 119 male and female children during the period of this report and this number does not include the number of beneficiaries who have been repeated in more than two programs.According to the web-site follow up and the Foundation’s accounts on the social media such as Social networking Facebook and Twitter which exceeded the number of ten thousand beneficiaries

The Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights welcomes with all your opinions and suggestions that would improve the development of the Foundation and its work in line with its strategy and capabilities and specialization on the official e-mail. [email protected]

Note: The error rate in the statistics does not exceed 3%. The team that prepared the report tried to work according to the documents available at the foundation from the tables of attendance documented by name and signature and numbers of publications distributed in the actual areas of the work of the Foundation.

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