Center for childhood friends in Kobani

the center for childhood friends in Kobani continue providing its services to the children of the city, and targets 21 boys and girls this time, who faced psychological stress in the wake of what has happened in the city from terrorist attacks and poor humanitarian situation.
The Foundation is depending on specialized training manual prepared by psychological support team in the organization about the psychosocial support for children victims of violence and crises.
Enterprise Services focus to provide awareness to children’s parents on the best ways to deal with the children of the crisis, who exposed to psychological, physical and family violence in parallel with providing psychological support through specialized psychological sessions and recreational ways in order to bring them out from the war atmosphere and what they have been suffered from pressure and psychological stress.
Center for childhood friends a fraternity Foundation for Human Rights program and has branches in all cities of the Foundation work region and was established with the support and care of the FCO office in the British Foreign Office in May 2014.

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