A child and a women were victims of indiscriminate bullets on civilians by the ISIS in the eastern countryside of Deir Al- Zour

Nearly for two years the ISIS have controlled large parts of the countryside of Deir al-Zour, and during this period the ISIS has committed many massacres against civilians so that the ISIS wanted to control completely through way of terrorism and fear into the people’s hearts On Monday 12/04/2016 the monitors of team of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation fraternity managed to document two dead victims by the ISIS’s bullets; they were a woman and a child. After the people of the city Sabekhat which is in the eastern countryside of Deir Al- Zour attached the ISIS check- point in the city . This led to open firing by the member of the ISIS indiscriminately killing two civilians. The city Sabekhat is located on the right bank of the Euphrates River and it is surrounded by many villages. It has a population of 38,700 people, according to the 2011 Census .