a citizen to be killed and others to be wounded in the Ra’s Ayn ” Serekaniye”

An explosive can causing a citizen to be killed and others to be wounded , killing one civilian in the Ra’s Ayn ” Serekaniye” The ISIS is known for manufacturing car bombs and explosives and creating dangerous ways as such as car bombs, remote mines set to be exploded and mines explode simply by pressing them ……. All of these types kill more citizens and cause destruction every day. On Sunday 27 – 3-2016 at about nine o’clock pm a Syrian citizen lost her life in Serekaniye (Ra’s Ayn) by the explosion of an improvised explosive can that had been placed in cardboard box in Churches Street because she kicked the cardboard box to be away from their way and her husband and child were injured, and one of her husband’s relatives was also injured who was with them. The wounded were moved to the hospital” Roj” in the city but the case of the husband was serious so he was moved to hospitals of Qamishli. The citizen is one of the Turkmen minority and she was displaced from Jarablos in the northern countryside of Aleppo. She was displaced with her family to Ra’s l Ayn (Serekaniye) during the battles that took place in Jarablos District between the opposition forces and the Syrian regime . It is noteworthy that the explosive device was a charging power device of 30cm length and within TNT and highly explosive and a piece of iron about 4 mm length, and it is connected to an electrical cord while trying to press on the power button of the charge the mine explodes.