A civilian is injured in Qamishli by a bullet and believed to be from the Turkish military operations in the bordered city Nusaybin

For a period of time the Turkish mortars have fallen onto the city Qamishli. A child was also injured by a bullet was shot from Turkish side to the city and it led to his death.. The team of monitoring and documentation documented the case and issued a statement on Sunday 04/03/2016. The following -up by the team of monitoring and documentation of our foundation (Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights), on Tuesday 04/12/2016 our monitors documented injured young man (M, S) . He is 26 years old and he is Arabs in the city. He was shot in his belly by the Turkish side while he was at home in the western neighborhood behind the Ouda Bank. He was taken to Farman Hospital. And the treating doctor confirmed to our monitors that his condition was stable