Conclusion of the World Day of Human Rights in the ” your rights are not a privilege ” campaign

Fraternity ( Biratî ) Foundation for Human Rights concluded its  campaign on the occasion of Human Rights Day and the campaign has lunched on 1th December,2016 and continued till 10th December,2016 And the campaign included many events where:

The campaign was started to hang the campaign signs by Foundation team on the facades of the official headquarters in each of Al- Hasakah and Qamishli and Kobani and Ras Al.ein.

The campaign team distributed a brochure printed in Arabic and Kurdish the International Justice of Human Rights, the first time both globally and locally is the translation of the International Justice to Kurdish language It has also been a distribution for many other publications as brochures and posters and other posters in all the cities of the foundation work .

And the campaign team set up awareness seminars and lectures in this occasion in  cities of Tel Abyad, Al-Hasakah and Ras Al-Ayn included by solidarity stops  to express their defense of human rights and solidarity with the victims of human rights violations wherever it was and who was.

The seminars focused on the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and violence in Syria and the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights strategy in the absorption of this violent situation by pumping concepts of human rights and focus on raising awareness and monitoring and documenting violations since it launched at the beginning of the year 2013 until today.

Seminars held in the city of Al-Hasaka, attended by 20 participants, including  10  women and in Qamishli city, attended by 23 participants, including 17 women and in  Kobani 11 participants, including eight women and ladies and these attendance from the civil society organizations in the cities, political parties and representatives of the Human Rights Commission in democratic self-management and representatives of the Kurds National Council  in Syria, parties and organizations Syriac, Assyrian, Arab and military units from  people protection unit and activists and activists in the civil field and public affairs.
The seminars included a pictorial presentations designed by  network team of  the media and artistic production in the Fraternity Foundation for  the human rights about  the origins of human rights and the stages undergone by the announcement and  several videos presented  for the Foundation’s activities in the framework of its defense of human rights.

The Commission of Razan Zeitouneh award to support human rights defenders in the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights gave the award to the British academic Thomas McGee for 2016 in recognition of his defense of support Syria and Iraq refugee issues, and defense on  deprived of Identity particularly in Syria



Photos for the campaign activities in Hasakah

Photos for the campaign activities in Qamishli

Photos for the campaign activities in kobane

Photos for the campaign activities in Ras Al.ayn