A documentary report about the Horrific violations in Sheikh Maksoud Neighborhood

To read the report, please click here sheikh-maksoud-between-the-fire-of-the-syrian-regime-and-the-hell-of-its-opposition

The program of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights (FFHR) issued a report on Tuesday morning 11|10|2016 entitled “Sheikh Maksoud between the fire of the Syrian regime” and the hell of its opposition“. It is a documentary report about miserable events that took place in the Sheikh Maksoud Neighborhood in Aleppo City where it was exposed to violent military operations over the past months by military factions belonging to the Syrian opposition.
The report covered the period between February 15, 2016 until September 4, 2016 .It came in 16-pages to document the operations of systematic killings which amount to war crimes committed against civilians in the neighborhood based on 11 written testimonies and 4 testimonies of pictorial Videos and 70 forms for documenting the victims who were killed and the documents the Foundation got by the Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital that document the killing of 143 civilians, including 42 children and 29 women, and wounding at least 1,000 civilians. The Foundation documented 850 civilians, including 266 children and 214 women.

The Foundation recommended in its report:

Since the factions and battalions that are involved in armed conflict donot respect the culture of human rights, we call on all who have the ability to stop these crimes exercised against the civilians as in Sheikh Maksoud. The number of victims and the dead from 16|2|2016 until 5| 6|2016 reached to killing 143 civilians, including 42children and 29 women and wounding at least 1,000 civilians. Foundation documented850 civilians, including “266” children and 214 women and according to the Red Crescent Hospital that there are 1023 woundedwe could not knowthe rest of the names until the preparation of this report

Fraternity Foundation For HumanRights institution hopes for the Syrian National Coalition for the revolutionary forces and the opposition being a resulted case of the broad popular protests led by the Syrians in the face of the Syrian regime, which committed a similarcase to the case of Sheikh Maksoud in the rest of the Syrian territory and that everyone works for to be submission to the justice.  The coalition shouldn’t hesitate to provide all crimes in Sheikh Maksoud to be appeared in front of law according to international humanitarian law.

Fraternity Foundation also appeals to international community and in particular the parties involved in the Syrian conflict, which fund and support these military factions the need to take all measures to reduce these crimes against unarmed civilians. They contribute significantly to break the Syrian society and create enmity between the Arabs and Kurds.

We also stress the need for the Kurdish forces to exercise their positive role in easing the conflict and not to exercise any fighting actions that would aggravate the problem between them and the factions involved in the Syrian conflict. They always go to the logic of international humanitarian law what is responsible to punish all crimes and violations that may have been committed by all parties, including Kurdish forces themselves.

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