A documentary report about the suicide bombing that targeted Qamishli City in 27 July 2016

To read the report, please click here Qamishlo The city of love is under the fire of terrorism

Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights issued its own report about the terrorist attack that targeted Qamishlo City i on 27/7/2016 The report came as the (Qamishlo is the city of love under the fire of terrorism) in 21 pages. It included 13 documentary witnesses by the families of the dead victims and direct interviews with the wounded in hospitals in the city and meetings with Kurdish security forces (Asayish) and through 155 documentary forms of the victims. It was documented the killing of 72 civilians, including 10 children and 14 women and injured 177 civilians

It came in the executive summary:

Because ISIS has full administrative levels and it has  legal clear  forms  emphasizes a specific structure of the leaders and  for continuing  of the organization to do   suicide attacks systematically within the framework of an non-  international armed conflict, the  international humanitarian law refers specifically prohibiting  “Terrorist Measurements ” or “Terrorist Acts.” The Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 33) that “Collective penalties are prohibited and likewise all measures of threat or terrorism”, while the additional Protocol II (Article 4) prohibits”Acts of terrorism” against the persons who are involved directly or who stop to take part in the aggressive acts. The main goal is to emphasize the need that the civilians and individuals aren’t exposed to undergo collective punishment, which leads, among other things, to the existence of a state of terror

Proceeding from our belief in human life and human dignity and personal safety, which should be available for everyone to be everywhere , we appeal to those responsible in the forefront of democracy autonomy  to take security measures that serve the best interests of all the people in the control areas of Autonomy and to make more efforts to control and conserve  security for the citizens and the commitment to provide the basic needs  of living for all citizens without discrimination, which may be cited as Democratic Autonomy  to bring the security and military positions outside the populated areas and taking greater precautions to reduce these operations

The Foundation recommended:

Fraternity Foundation For human rights recommends the UN Security Council and United Nations bodies and, in particular human rights Council  and the major powers concerned in the Syrian Issue  the need to refer the crimes files  committed in Syria, particularly the crimes committed by the Syrian regime which is the main reason for ongoing conflict in Syria, which emerged the ISIS , the major international terrorist organizations and provide all those involved in the planning and implementation of these processes to the international Criminal Court
Fraternity Foundation also appeals to the international parties and medical relevant organizations  work to provide the medical needs of operating plants in the areas where  the Kurdish-majority  that lacking for various types of services under conditions of siege  and war imposed by the political disputes in the region

Nominal lists of dead and wounded in Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights database on its official website.