A documentary report on torture in Syria, “The Syrian Gaulle of torture.”

To read the report, click here The Syrian Gaulle of torture

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights today June 26 issued documentary report in 30 pages in the framework of its annual campaign on the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and with logo (not to torture wherever it is) The report came as “The Syrian Gaulle of torture.” in reference of the continuing crimes of torture in Syria terribly.

The report, which tells the a terrible stories of the victims Whose Interviewed by the Foundation’s team in its areas work Through (25) cases the team of program of monitoring and documentation documented included (4) cases in Ra’s Al Ayn and (4) cases in Terbespiye (Qahtaniyah) and (11) cases in Qamishli and (6) cases in al-Hasakah. The team of the report met (three) cases in our offices and 2 cases in their own places of work and giving information on the phone and other giving information across internet network handwritten by the victim and signed and illustrated and accompanied by a copy of the identity card and (18) cases in their homes after meeting them .We depend in the division of the report according to the parties that committed violations against the victims of torture.
The program of monitoring and documenting violations of human rights in Fraternity Foundation depends in this report on direct interviews done by our observers with the victims of torture and the witnesses’ statements in each of al-Hasakah, Qamishli, Ra’s al-Ayn, and Terbespiye (Qahtaniyah)

It was focused on the crimes of torture that the observers of the Foundation could document where it was stated and depending on the witnesses that civilians are being tortured and that psychological and physical torture are done systematically and accompanied by all cases of arrest , detention and forcibly disappearance, as well as rape and sexual slavery. These who are exposed to torturing are from different communities of civilians, opinion makers and the media by all the force of the armed conflict on Syrian territory , the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, known simply as the ISIS , the Syrian regime factions of the (FSA) that is armed groups belonging to the Syrian opposition, armed groups of unknown affiliations, * Democracy Self-Management

the Foundation recommended in its report:
“We have no hope for the regulations that  are not bound by ethical controls and humanitarian standards in the daily dealing with citizens, whether civilian or military, particularly the Syrian regime , ISIS and armed gangs are unknown affiliations. We urge the Syrian opposition and  Democratic Self-Management  because they are as the result of popular protests carried out by  all the Syrian people against tyranny and oppression  to oblige the military and security organizations that belong to them  need to apply all the humanitarian and human rights standards contained in international legislation”

To read the report, click here The Syrian Gaulle of torture

All your comments and views and complaints, were welcome and the Foundation Hope you do not hesitate in supporting us to detecting any torture crimes might have occurred or occur.