Empowerment Center For Women launches its plan for the second half of the year 2016 in Ra’s Al Ayn

Empowerment  Centre For Women launched in Ra’s Al Ayn to implement its second mid-year plane for year in 2016. It started on Wednesday on 1-8-2016  in a workshop of awareness in the basic concepts of human rights to a group of 20 trainees for 3 days. On 4-8-2016 it started in providing vocational training in (Barber Women) for the targeted group and it will be continuing for 30 days in a practical training at a rate of 3 hours per day
Empowerment Center For Women is of the activities of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights and has 6 branches belonging to the branches of Foundation in the cities : Kobani , Tel Abyad , al-Hasakah a, Qamishli , Ra’s Al Ayn and Terbespiye. It was launched since May 2014 and is still continuing to provide services to the women in the region through human rights and professional awareness.

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