Empowerment center for women starts new workshop in Kobani

Empowerment center for women began on 24/09/2016 training of 18 trainees from women Kobani on the sewing craft training and the training workshop will continue for 30 days practical training at a rate of two and a half per day.
This workshop comes within the framework of the empowerment of women professionally and human rights and make them self-reliant in support herself and her family and resist the harsh conditions which the country is going in general, and especially Kobani.
Empowerment center for women a fraternity Foundation for Human Rights program which set off in May 2014 and is still continuing to provide its services to all women in the six official work regions in Al- Hasaka,Al- Qamishli, Ras al-Ayn Tel Abyad, Kobani and Terbespiye.

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