An explosive device caused 13 civilians to be injured in Derbassiyeh.

The team of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights was able to monitor the explosion on Saturday, 2 – 4-2016 which happened about 1:20 in the afternoon. The explosive device was placed in the cafe and restaurant ” Sawar” in the midst of a popular market in Derbassiyeh in the province Al-Hasakah, which lies on the Turkish-Syrian border. Our monitors could document thirteen civilians who were injured , all of them were men. After visiting the hospital in the city and meeting with the medical staff at the hospital who, in turn, confirmed that most cases of the wounded are stable . The program of monitoring and documentation of our foundation will issue a special report about the incident as soon as the required documentation is finished. The City Derbassiyeh belonging to the province Al-Hasakah and away from about 75 km to the north. It as a population of 55,614 inhabitants according to the census of 2004