” Eyes On Rights” concludes first phase in Al-Hasakah

03/30/2016 in Al-Hasakah the first phase of the project” Eyes on Rights” was concluded which was launched by Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights .It was participated by 10 civic organizations in the city . There were over 19 participants, including 7 female trainees in four days . The first phase focused on level A1 of the training plan of the program of the awareness of human rights and it included: the first day was “Universal declaration of Human rights” by the trainer and the professor ” Muhammad Al-Abtan” is the executive secretary of the Foundation and has experience for three years and “Two Eras” by the colleague Rinas Hasen who has two- years training experience) . The second day was the Convention against discrimination by the professor “Muhammad Al-Abtan” Anti discrimination against women by the colleague Mr. Mohammed Al-Abtan. The third was the agreement of enforced disappearances by the colleague Rinas Hasen and the convention against torture by the colleague Mr. Mohammed Al-Abtan . The fourth day was ” convention of the Child’s rights by the colleague ” Dalal Ismail” who is the director of the Center for childhood friends and she has a year – experience in specialized training . Next week the project ” Eyes on Rights ” will follow its second phase in the international criminal law for three by the same trainees. This process comes within providing greater experience and possible knowledge in the targeted axes of the project. .