For fairness to the victims and to achieve justice, Turkey must extradite ISIS fighter to the European judiciary.

The Global Coalition Against ISIS must demand Turkey to extradite ISIS fighters, who are detained by Turkey-backed opposition groups, to the European judiciary.

The Faternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) is following with deep concern that Syrian opposition groups have executed ISIS fighters in Jarabulus and its suburb areas, which are controlled by Euphrates Shield forces baked by Turkey. These forces were formed and led by Turkish military to fight ISIS in Jarabulus and its rural areas through a cross-border and aerialoperation on 24 August 2016.This operation was resulted in liberating Jarabulus from ISIS. Syrian opposition groups that participated in that operation were called ‘Euphrates Shield forces’ and consists of several groups among them “Sultan Murad” Bloc, 13th division,”Alnusra” Front and “AhrarAl Sham” and others.

Following the heavy defeat that ISIS have suffered in Raqqa and the eastern suburb area of Deir Al-Zour by Syrian Democratic Forces, which consists mainly of Kurdish forces, many ISIS leaders managed to flee to Turkey through the areas that controlled by Euphrates Shield forces, Jarabulusand its suburb areas.

According to our observatory team, the last arrest for ISIS fighters, particularly its prominent leaders, by Euphrates Shield forces was on December of 2017 and executed four prominent ISIS leaders.

Our sources confirm that on 10/12/2017 Ahrar al-Sham which is a member of Euphrates Shield forces executed (Execution by firing squad) four ISIS fighter on Jarabulus’s Tahtani Road in Jarabulus. They were:

  • The commander of the artillery, Basil Hariri, known as Derawi.
  • Security commander in al-Bab, formerly, city known as Abu Ali Ghazzawi who was Palestinian national.
  • Assistant judge in Jarabulus known as ‘Mohammed al-Kawsa’
  • The housing and confiscation of houses commander in Jarabulus known as ‘Abdo al-Qasim’.

We, at FFHR, have always stressed on the importance that all those who committed war crimes in Syria should be subject to fair trials in which the victims of the Syrian conflict get justice and the perpetrators get fair and just punishment. This will reduce vengeful actions and turn these trials into platforms for peace in Syria as well as peace of the soul of all the victims of the Syrian conflict.

Fair trials in Syria are currently impossible to achieve. A just, impartial and impartial judiciary cannot be established within Syria, with military parties controlling the entire course of daily life and a terrible deterioration of the values of democracy and human rights during a war that has raged for more than seven years. Moreover, courts-martiallack fair and impartial procedures and never rise to the level of finding and spreading the truth, not to mention justice for victims.

The executions of those who committed crimes in Syria without trials will result in lose of facts and rights of victims and the spread of the chaos of revenge and assassination.

Therefore, we at FFHR, and out of our duty and commitment to the values of justice and fairness to all the victims we appeal to the leadership of the Global Coalition to fight ISIS and the Security Council to demand Turkey to pressure the Syrian opposition groups which are baked by Turkey in Jarabulus and its suburb areas to extradite all ISIS leaders, who are trying to escape through this area,  to the European judiciary, especially the German judiciary,in order to open the door to prosecute war criminals in Syria, from all sides,  so that the Syrians people can prosecute them according to German laws or the relevant European countries.

In particular we stress the issue of prosecuting those who committed sexual violence crimes and the crimes of sexual enslavement of Yazidi, Shabak and Syriac women in Iraq and Syria. Crimes that were committed by ISIS which we believe that most of ISIS leaders were complicit in those crimes through facilitating, cooperation and directly committing those crimes and others. The soul of the victims of those crimes are still awaiting peace and their relatives are still waiting justice.