founding statement of Peace She-Leaders Network “PSLN”

The signatories to this founding statement met on 13-14 February 2017 in the presence and sponsorship of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR/Birati) in the city of Qamishli with the aim of finding a safe and fair space to discuss the framing of cooperation and networking and to identify the best ways to work together in the next stage. The participants agreed to establish a network of cooperation and coordination to contribute to the defense of women’s issues and rights and to strengthen their leading role in establishing civil peace and peace building in Syria.
Therefore, we agreed on calling this framework “Peace She-Leaders Network”; it is a network of cooperation and coordination containing civil society organizations, human rights organizations and political organizations listed in the statute of the network and its official website. The network was founded with the support and sponsorship of FFHR/Birati in February 2017. The network works to defend women’s issues and rights, and to strengthen their leading role in establishing civil peace and peace building in Syria.
The vision of Peace She-Leaders Network focuses on seeking a democratic civil society governed by social justice, in which women have the right to play an active role in promoting civil peace and seeking peace.
Members of the network agreed on the following objectives, which determine the joint work compass and cooperation:

1. Contributing to the application of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, which states the importance of the equal and full participation of women as an effective element in achieving sustainable peace.
2. Enhancing the role of women in the civil peace and brotherhood among peoples and cultures in Syria.

Thus, members of the network approved its statute and the mechanisms of its administrative procedures. Then, an administrative body, an official spokesperson and an information office were elected, and a period of six months was defined for their administration. Upon the completion of the six-month period, another general conference is to be held for the election of a new body, provided that it is not nominated for another round, but after the expiration of the leadership of all member organizations.

In this statement, Peace She-Leaders Network recommends the following:
First: At the Syrian level

1. Opening all channels of communication and cooperation with all women’s organizations and their coalitions which seek to defend the issues of women in Syria, and working to stop the Syrian bloodshed by enhancing the role of women in civil peace.
2. Working to find adequate means for freeing up the Yazidi, Shabak and Syriac women who are enslaved on the territory of Syria.
3. The network membership shall remain open to all women’s organizations, parties and associations hoping that this network will achieve the desired goal of its establishment.

Secondly: At the international level

– The need to involve Syrian women in real participation in all peace talks held for Syria, and not confining women’s representation to the parties to the Syrian conflict.

Peace She-Leaders Network calls on the international community and organizations concerned with women for the application of the Security Council Resolution 1325 and the establishment of the equal participation of women in promoting the sustainable peace.

Hasakah – Syria