Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati) suspends its activities seeking peace for the region

Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati) announced on Wednesday the suspension of its activities due to violations by the Kurdish authorities in northern Syria.

On Tuesday, March 14, “Birati” issued a statement calling Syria’s Kurdish Autonomous Administration to curb the escalation, which has become a serious threat to the civil security and peace in the besieged region that suffers from the lack of daily life needs which the administration has always sought to provide.

The legislative council of the Kurdish administration has already issued laws which state respecting the freedoms and protecting human rights regardless of religious, ethnic and political affiliations, and guaranteeing the dignity and safety of people in the region.

However, the Kurdish authorities in the country did not respond to the violations by masked men and youth groups who committed aggression attacks against shops, offices and civilians in the cities of Qamishli and Dirbasiya.

The violations included a physical assault on a civilian in Dirbasiya and housebreaking in Qamishli, in addition to destroying and burning properties.

FFHR/Birati confirms that the escalation, which occurs in the country’s Kurdish-held region, threatens the security and peace and destabilizes civil peace enjoyed by the region, so FFHR/Birati calls on the Kurdish authorities in the country to stop these abuses and resort to the principles of dialogue and political participation.

Therefore, FFHR/Birati sees that the current situation is not ready for civil and human rights activities, and not consistent to the values of democracy and human rights stated by the laws and regulations of the Kurdish autonomous administration and guaranteed by international covenants and conventions which are the bases of those local legislations.

Thus, the FFHR/Birati has decided to suspend its activities calling on the Kurdish autonomous administration in northern Syria to respond to the following needs and requests:

  • Listening to the civil society organizations, which are appealing for an end to this escalation.
  • Taking legal actions to ensure peace and security in the region.
  • Releasing all detainees who have been arrested not registering and licensing their organizations and political parties’ offices, otherwise they did not commit any acts of violence that may stabilize security and civil peace.

Insisting on Kurdish security and police forces (Asayish) to take appropriate legal actions to tackle the abuses on civilians and their properties. The legal actions should be taken against the assaults which lead to the spread of chaos and violation of the sanctity of the law and local custom. The legal actions should address any assaults which offend the values ​​and ethics of fraternity of peoples, justice and equality.

Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati)