Hasakah is between hammer of Syrain regime and anvil of National Defense force

Press Release

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights( FFHR) said in the evening of 18/8/2016 that the militia of National Defense forces of the Syrian regime and with the support of the warplanes of the Syrian regime and their artillery stationed at Mount Kawkab (Planet) 10 kilometers in the east of al-Hasakah City launched combat operations that they have been considered the most violent since the start of popular protests in Syria against stationed sites of the Kurdish security forces and civilian police of Democratic autonomy announced before. The Syrian regime’s air force targeted by three airstrikes and four missiles the sites in each of Western Nashua Neighborhood and al-Hal Market and Kallaseh Neighborhood causing serious physical damage in the infrastructure of these forces and there was a number of the dead victims among them.
Mahmoud Qader , the director of the program of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, said that “the combat operations were launched by the Syrian regime forces and its militia led in an initial statistics documented by our observers in the city to killing at least nine civilians, including 4 children and one woman and wounding 18 people , including 9 children and 2 women. It also caused the displacement of thousands of citizens of Kurdish neighborhoods in the city, toward Qamishli, A’mooda and the countryside of al- Hasakah.”
These attacks come after days of tension between the two parties, who share control of the al-Hasakah City. Sometimes the conflict increases between them from time to time because the Syrian regime uses the fighting elements undisciplined where most of them are from the perpetrators of previous criminal offenses such as murder and trading unlawfully and they cause shaking up in the relative safety in the city after the decline of attack of ISIS to the city in the latest attack in mid-2015 . There have been kidnapping and hostage of civilians from the two main nationalism in the city and end it finishes in the exchange of hostages and agreements to calm. Then it returns to the blazing from time to time. .
Miral Biroreda, the General Director of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, said that “the Syrian regime provokes fighting intentionally from time to time to put pressure on Kurdish militants and the continuation of control by the militia of the city and to threaten its civil safety where the civilians always pay the highest price.”
Al-Hasakah CITY has witnessed several suicide attacks carried out by terrorist elements of ISIS against civilians in the Kurdish neighborhoods causing at least a hundred civilians dead, most of them were children and women. The recent targeting was a bakery in Saleheye Neighborhood where 26 civilians were killed on 5 July of 2016.

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights expresses deep disapproval of the continuation of the Syrian regime in the use of civilians to put pressure on the conflicting parties in Syria, either in Aleppo or in Darya or in Qamishli, or what has recently happened in Al-Hasakah. It is a war crime according to international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention relevant. All conflicting parties should always seeks to protect civilians from the consequences of combat.
We also urge the need for the international community to stop the continuation of the Syrian regime in committing these crimes and the need to refer the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court to curb the spread of more violence in Syria.
Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights
Al-Hasakah. Syria 18\8|2016
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