Idlib under bombing of fires by the forces of the Syrian regime forces

Press Release:
Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights said through the work of the observers team in Idlib City that countryside of the city has suffered since the early hours of the morning from many raids by warplanes of the Syrian regime.It led to killing two women, a child and a man and wounding others. The bombing was focused on the following sites:
Jericho City is away from Idlib City 13 km: Jericho City was exposed to a raid by warplanes of the Syrian regime about 12:30 PM and it led the physical damage and injuring a civilian slightly. .
Harbenosh Village in the countryside of Idlib on the Turkish border was subjected to a raid by the Syrian warplanes about 2: 20 PM and it caused to the physical damage.
Al- Voa’a Village which is under the control of the forces of the Syrian regime forces: about 4:00 in the evening the warplanes threw food baskets for its groups who are trapped in the village.
. Killi Town is away 23 km from the city center: The Russian aviation targeted the town about 5:00 in the evening by a spare missile that killed a woman left the physical damage.
Marat Misrin (Kherbet Habasho Farms) is 9 km in the north of Idlib City exposed to targeting of warplanes of the Syrian regime by spare missiles around 5:10 leading to the death of a child and his father and a woman and wounding three others, including a girl child.
The office of team of monitoring and Documentation of the Fraternity Foundation in Idlib City
29-5 – 2016