Info-graphic for the killing victims in Syria- June 2016

Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights by network of its observers who are in most Syrian cities that are experiencing cases of attacks against civilians in June 2016 . It was documented killing 505 includig 146 children and 68 woman. The operations of killing according to documentation by our team came as following
 298 victims by the Syrian regime forces including 8 victims under torture .
101 victims by the Russian Flight and 23 ones in bombing by the battalions of opposition.
44 ones by the ISIS and 33 ones by the allied flight.
and 6 victims by the Turkish border gaurds.
Aleppo 222 Idleb 124
Hama 2
Daraa 17
Damascus 5
Raqqa 52
Deir al Zour 80
Hasakah 3
انفوغرافيك 2016 En