Infrographics of victims of the conflict in Syria in July 2016


Today the program of monitoring and documentation in cooperation with the network team of media and the technical and production which is one of programs of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights issued a documentary Infrographics for the victims of the conflict in Syria. The team of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights documented during July 2016 through four documentary bulletins killing of 1061 civilians, including 245 children and 154 women. The documentation came according to the parties of the conflict as following

The Syrian Regime: 451
Russian Aviation: 210 The
ISIS: 181
90: The Syrian Opposition forces
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF): 3
The International Alliance: 116
Border guards: 9

Among the victims there were 34 killed under torture by the Syrian Regime. It was documented 37 Kurdish civilians were kidnapped by ISIS.

Our team also identified the distribution of the killed victims, according to the ten provinces covered in its monitoring and documentation as following:

Aleppo: 617, including 157 children and 97 women
Idlib: 153, including 29 children 15 women
Daraa: 26 including 7 children and 3 women
Raqqa: 21, including 5 children and a woman
Deir al-Zour 58, including 12 children and 8 women
Al-Hasakah: 75, including 13 children and 8 women
Damascus 50 including 8 children and 4 women
Homs 48, including 16 children and 7 women
Hama 12, including a child
Lattakia: 1 killed.
You can always review Foundation database on its official website to see the names to inform documented names