Injury a child by explosion of a mine from the remnants belonging to the ISIS in the countryside of al- Hasakah .

The team of monitoring and documentation of our Foundation in Ra’s al Ayn (Serekaniye ) on Friday afternoon 27/05/2016 , could document explosion a mine from remnants belonging to the ISIS . It was planted among the agricultural land Al-Mabrukah Town in the western countryside of Ra’s al-Ayn City in al-Hasakah. The mine was exploded to the child (H, M) aged 13 years when he was grazing his sheep and found the mine and it was exploded when he tried to play it. He was taken to Roj Hospital in the city after the follow-up of his condition and the doctor on duty confirmed that the condition was stable.
It is noteworthy that our observers documented many cases of victims of the remnants belonging to the ISIS in the town.