The ISIS beheaded and crucified a civilian in Manbej City

The series o the ISIS f crimes against civilians on charges of spying for the regime or for the benefit of coalition forces does not end. Under these charges the ISIS carried out many operations of field execution. The team of monitoring and documentation in our Foundation has documented many cases in Raqqa and Manbej.

On Monday, 16- 5 – 2016 our team could document a new case from the ISIS crimes in execution beheading against the citizen ( F, A ) aged 24 year- old in al-Hal Market in the middle of Manbej in the northern- west countryside of Aleppo, which is controlled by the ISIS . Beheading was carried out by using a knife and crucifying in the square of Hal Market with the sign of the victim’s name and his offense which is a spy for the apostate Army meant FSA that is a military faction of the Syrian opposition.

The ISIS does such executions to horrify and frighten civilians.