ISIS commits a massacre in the countryside of Sarrin today

Press Release

The team of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights monitored at about 7 on Saturday morning 16 /7/2016 that the members of ISIS sneaked into Saygoal Village that is in the south of Sarrin Town about 30 km. The members of ISIS came from the south-east of the village. Our team monitored killing several civilians and wounding others. The team was able to confirm killing at least five civilians and wounding another number, three of them were documented, including a child and a woman. The attack came after they surprised the village and fired live bullets on the people of the village. Our observers are still watching the situation.
Because of the continuing clashes in the village after the SDF took apart, our observers could not collect all the information.
It is worth mentioning that Saygoal Village is located to the south of Sarrin Town 30 km belonging to Kobani. The number of population is about 2,000 people who are from the Arabs. It is an agricultural village under the control of SDF since the expulsion of ISIS the late of August 2015.
The Office of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights
Syria 16 |7|2016