The ISIS commits a massacre in a village in the north of Aleppo

The ISIS controlled the village (Kofer Saqair) at the beginning of 2014 after battles with the Kurds Front that is a faction of Free Syrian Army FSA . A year later the Syrian regime could regain control the village when the forces of regime stormed the industrial city. On 20 March 2016 about four o’clock in the afternoon groups of the ISIS broke into the village from the Village Maqbala which is controlled by the ISIS. The Syrian regime forces have withdrawn suddenly from the village, and the ISIS distributed snipers above the high roofs. The people of the village went out from their homes, walking in dirt roads, leaving their belongings toward the nearby villages. The snipers fired the people, and killed nine of them, including a girl and a number of people were wounded. There are still four missing families up to now. The village (Kofer Saqair) is located to the north of Aleppo beside to the industrial city. Most of the population works in agriculture and it has about 6000 people, most of them are Kurdsh, and Arabs who live in the village are from the clan Halably.