The ISIS executed /9/ abductees and crucified them in public places in Raqqa.

Our monitors of the Foundation in Province Raqqa, which is the capital of the ISIS , documented that on Saturday in the morning on 2April 2016 the ISIS executed eight young men in the area Mansoura which is in the west of Raqqa 30 km away after shooting them and crucifying their bodies on electrical poles on the road of Mansura, the archaeological castle of Rasafa in the south. The ISIS closed all the roads that lead to Mansoura since eight o’clock in the morning until hanging of their bodies. It stated that most of the victims were the residents of the village Hatel from the region where they are from the clan Al-bo khamess which is one of the biggest clans in Raqqa. (major clans tenderness) . Most of them were imprisoned more a year by the ISIS and some of them were involved in the ranks of the ISIS and tried factionalism. They were accused of theft, murder, robbery and impersonating the members of Hasba. The ninth kidnapped was executed and crucified at the roundabout Dalla ( the roundabout of Tel Abyad) in the center of market in Raqqa and he was accused of being an agent of the western alliance. A sign was suspended in the neck and it was written the spy Mazen Ekal Al-Hamad filmed the sites and gave information to the crusaded alliance which led to bombing and killing of Muslims. The organizers who ordered the executions wanted to keep the bodies hanging for 3 days in this way the ISIS terrorizes the citizens with the increasing of the news that liberalization of Raqqa from the control of the ISIS comes soon.