The ISIS executed three Kurdish civilians and captivated many others in the countryside of Azaz

The factions of the Syrian opposition controlled Azaz in northern countryside of Aleppo h late 2011 after battles with the forces of the Syrian regime. Since then , the city and most of the countryside are under their control, but the countryside has recently witnessed battles between the opposition factions and the ISIS and each one of them controlled some villages. . It is known the ISIS commits crimes and violations against civilians when controlling new villages and towns. On Sunday 10/04/2016 about 9 o’clock PM the ISIS regained control the town Al-Ra’ea and surrounding villages. They could enter the village Hawer kilis at dawn , and they executed three Kurdish civilians in the village and the captivated many others. Our monitors could monitor those executions and documenting the dead and prisoners’ names . The team of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights confirmed that preliminary information confirms that the cause of their execution is that they were accused d of passing the information to Democratic Syrian Forces and there is no Information so far for the prisoners. The village Hawer kilis is located to the east of the town Azaz and has a population of about a thousand people. Most of the people are from the Arabs and there are Kurdish and Turkmens families and most of them work in agriculture.