The ISIS expands the field of executions to the countryside of Raqqa

After a series of bloody executions carried out by the ISIS in the city Raqqa, they have recently begun to carry out executions in the countryside of Raqqa following the strategy of spreading of terror and fear among civilians to ensure the continuing of control over areas of influence which began falling down. The monitors of our Foundation have monitored in Raqqa that on Wednesday 13/4/2016 th members of the ISIS executed the citizen, Ibrahim Al- Deak accused of cursing the divine self in the locality Ma’dan in the east of Raqqa about 70 km. The ISIS also executed three others and crucified them in th city Tabqaa in the west of Raqqa 60 km, accused of spying for the coalition and our monitors managed to document one of them called ( A, A) .