The ISIS imposes house arrest on the Christians in Raqqa.

The program of monitoring and documenting of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights ( FFHR) was informed that the ISIS issued a decision in which the Christians of Raqqa which is the capital of the Islamic State , prevents the Christians including Armenians from leaving Raqqa whatever the circumstances are. Although during eight months ago the ISIS made a decision that includes preventing the citizens of the region which is under the control of the Islamic State or what the ISIS calls them ( the public ) from leaving the region except under the travel authorization by the office in the region ( Al- Hasba) . Before four months the cases of travel were just the cases of treatments that the ISIS doesn’t have within the territory it controls. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 100 Christian citizens in Raqqa and most of them are Armenians and they are elderly people and have to pay a tribute to the ISIS in order to preserve their properties according to the ISIS law that is derived from the first Islamic Bill. The Christians of Raqqa are suffering from a permanent insult and repression. Our monitors believe it is likely that the purpose of this decision is to use the citizens as human shields and perhaps as hostages if the international coalition forces attack the ISIS in Raqqa. There were two churches in Raqqa . One of them is called ( Martyrs Church ) and the other is called ( Resurrection Church). The ISIS took them and later their crosses were removed and thrown in the street. The first church is being used by the ISIS as a headquarter of the Islamic Police and the second one is being used as a depot. At the same time thousands of Yazidin women and the women of Shabak from Sanjar in Iraq are still kidnapped by the ISIS as sexual enslaved and hundreds of males as slaves and servants to the princes and leaders of the ISIS.