The ISIS targets the villagers in the south of Tishreen Dam.

The villages located in the area of Tishreen Dam are being exposing to the bombing of mortars and heavy weapons by the ISIS. After the QDS controlled the dam on26 December 2015. On Monday 02/29/2016 at about nine in the morning the ISIS fired by heavy weapons towards the village Jalenja which is in the south of Tishreen Dam as a result of two three civilians were seriously injured and they were taken to the hospitals of Kobanî to be treated. They were two men the first one was 70 years old and the second was 50 years old and the other one was a woman who was 60 years old. The village Jalenja is locatedin the south of Tishreen Dam up to 10 km in the West Bank of the River Euphrates. It is an agricultural village and its population depends on grazing and agriculture and they are about a thousand people . The village is targeted every day basis by the ISIS by firing mortars and heavy weapons