he ISIS targets the western countryside of Kobani in projectiles.

The ISIS bombed Tal al-Abr Village on the east side of the Euphrates River in projectiles Today evening.
On Monday16- 5- 2016 about seven in the evening the ISIS bombed Tal al-Abr on the east side of the Euphrates River in projectiles from the mountains overlooking on the western edge of the river. The team of monitoring and documentation of our Foundation followed this bombing. Several rockets fell onto civilians’ houses causing wounds to six people, including four children between the ages of one and a half and fourteen years and two women. The team of monitoring could document their names and followed up their cases after taking them to Amal Hospital in Kobani City. But most of the cases were serious so the wounded were ministered to hospitals in Qamishli City. .
Tal al-Abr is located 35 km in the west of Kobani on the Euphrates River. It is an agricultural village with a population of about three thousand people, all of them are from the Arabs. .
It is worth mentioning that the village is exposed to mortars every day by the ISIS. A dozen of victims were killed or wounded, and our Foundation has several permits about these attacks.