Killing a child and injuring a woman in the bombing of the Syrian regime’s forces to the countryside of Idleb by projectiles.

Violations of the forces of the Syrian regime against unarmed civilians in all areas of Syria have been going on for more than five years, and in the program of the monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights we have taken upon take upon ourselves since we started work in documenting all violations against civilians in the regions of our presence
Our team could shortly document killing a child called Mohammed al-Aki and he is 8 years old and wounding a woman called Mrs. Halima Omar and she is 51 years old in Idlib City by projectiles of rockets belonging to the Syrian stationed at Soran Demesne in Hama City on Kafar Sajnah Town in the countryside of Idlib City.
Kafar Sajnah is a Syrian village belonging to Hesh Demesne in Maart al-Noman Region in Adlib Province with a population of 8,935 people in 2004, according to statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics. It is located about 15 km to the southwest of Maart al-Noman City in the west of the main road between Hama and Aleppo.